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I absolutely love my JogTog!  I use it when I go to the gym. Its the only thing between me and the workout bench!


JogTog, the world's first workout wrap, is the ultimate fitness accessory for today's active women. Light yet durable. JogTog will help you get fit in style and comfort. No matter your size or body type just Tie and Go for added confidence, safety, and convenience.

Be Confident

JogTog's slimming design conceals the rear, hips and thighs leaving you feeling confident during your jog or at the gym. JogTog is feminine, flattering, and ads a level of confidence to enhance your performance by allowing you to focus on your workout.


Be Stylish

Each JogTog is made from high-quality, lightweight, athletic fabric. Available in basic black and a variety of color combinations AND THEY'RE REVERSIBLE.   JogTog is sporty, fun and attractive, designed to fit in with your fitness wardrobe.


Be Safe

All JogTog designs utilize reflective materials as a standard safety feature for increased visibility. 


Be Free

JogTog's three zipper pockets provide easy access and secure storage for your phone, keys, ID/credit cards, MP3 players, or whatever you need to carry. JogTog's zipper pockets are designed for comfort as well as secure storage of your valuables.


Be Versatile

JogTog is perfect for all kinds of activities. Enjoy your JogTog in the garden, while riding your bike, at the beach or walking the dog. Wear JogTog anytime for extra coverage, safety and utility.


Be Portable

When you're done, simply fold JogTog into its middle pocket, zip and store. Take it with you, it's compact enough to fit in your purse, desk drawer, laptop bag or backpack.



JogTog GLO (Greater Luminance Outdoors).   While all JogTog designs utilize reflective materials as a standard safety feature, JogTog GLO designs will increase your visibility even further by incorporating larger reflective panels and ultra-bright neon colors approved by the International Safety Equipment Association. Choose JogTog GLO for your early morning and evening jogs or for extra visibility and safety anytime